by Tan Dollar

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released June 15, 2011

Chris Thorne - Vocals/Guitar
Jon Skehan - Guitar
Ilya Sandomirsky - Bass
Mike Skehan - Drums

Recorded and Produced by Tan Dollar.



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Tan Dollar

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Track Name: Friends Again
I wish that I could have your heart
And we could make a brand new start
I wanna hold you in my arms
But all you wanna do is harm
My fragile heart that never mends
I feel so bad I wish it would end
If life is dying all the time
Then you can never really

Be mine
Will you be mine?

Without looking knots untie
No use for books at least this time
Feeling gray I use my hands
As they are reaching new demands
I lose my cool beneath the shelves
I wish I could just be myself
If life is dying all the time
Then you can never really

Be mine
Will you be mine?

To be your friend again
We all make mistakes and we grow from them
I thought you of all people would understand
Track Name: Untitled
Don't wanna end up with a girl
Who thinks I'm afraid
That we're all gonna die someday
So what do I care
If I saw you in your underwear?
Oh, you could kill
And we're all gonna die someday

It makes a bit of sense to me
When all the words are cursed
Written in her diary
It's all gonna fade
So, baby, don't be fake to me
And I won't have to try
We're all gonna die someday

We're all gonna die someday
Track Name: Die In Your Arms
All I wanna do is fall asleep with you
And wake the next day with you there
Nowhere to be it's you I wanna see
Not easily amusused, I am bored and I feel used
Nothing to say but "Am I wasting all my days?"
You know I'll be your plastic toy

All I wanna do is watch shitty movies with you
If only you could give me some of your time
My heart beats fast whenever you walk passed
If there's something there then you seem so unaware
I'll let you choose, I'm dumb, I'm gonna lose
You know I could die in your arms
Track Name: You're Pure Gold
Hey, hey
You're living in the darkest places in my mind
All of the time
You're all I know
And you're why I'm sad

Some things you can't undo
But I still don't miss her half as much as I miss you
Cause you're pure gold
Yeah, you're pure gold
How could I treat you bad?

Hey, hey
If you never let me see how you can shine
And you won't let go
You'll never know
How it gets me mad

Gold glitter, hold
Me in your arms
And don't you ever let go
Pure gold gets sold
In time I'll know
If you are pure