Change Your Mind

by Tan Dollar



released November 28, 2010

Chris Thorne - Vocals/Guitar
Ilya Sandomirsky - Bass/Synth
Mike Skehan - Drums

Recorded and Produced by Paul A. Rosales and Tan Dollar.



all rights reserved


Tan Dollar

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Track Name: Be Happy for Me
You said be happy for me
I'll never be happy again
It never ends
This box of cigarettes
Just might be my only friend
It depends
I hate this party
And these people aren't my friends
They just pretend
I get this feeling
And I just have to walk away
It's okay
But you just go on
How can you talk to me that way?
The things you say
All the streets are empty
I'm always going home alone
Always alone

And you said be happy for me
It's so hard when you ignore me
And the words remain unspoken
Let the promises stay broken
You can't wash away the scars
My head is in the stars
Track Name: Always Holding Back
I never wanted to hold you back
And there's no certain way you should act
I just wanted to make you mine

I just wanna show you that
I'll be true to you, in fact
I hope you will see in time

But you never seem to care
That my heart races when you're there
But you never hear me sigh
Track Name: Uneven
Sitting on the edge of your bed
I just wanna get inside your head
Wishing I could hold your hand
But I'm still playing with the band
I just wanna make you mine
Maybe we can go back in time

You're hanging out with him instead
I wonder if it's something that I said
If I could just make my move
Your love is something I must prove
Stay awake to wait by the phone
You're always out, I'm always home

Now that the summer's dead
I just wanna lay inside your bed
And listen to Another Sunny Day
But you said it's better off this way
So now when I talk to you
There's really nothing I can do

Leave me alone
I'm better off at home
Alone in my room
With my impending doom
Resting on your lips
That I am dying to kiss
I don't know what to do
When I'm missing you
I don't know what to do
When I'm kissing you
Track Name: Waiting
For you to take control of me
I hope you bend your rules
Out in the cold for you
I'm giving in again

Please tell me
You want me
You kissed me
So softly

Of being let down
Your love is what I need
Of the timing, no consistency
You're not ready
To give your heart

My heart falls
You walk away
Just my luck
Should have never tried

Taking its toll from me
And I'm not fit to be
There's always some toll to pay
That's your way
Don't you see?

I've been told
That my heart's old
Go to bed
Track Name: How Can It Be True?
I woke up late today
Feeling certain
But was certainly not mad
I would never walk away
Cause there's something
Always something in my way
You said to put it in the past
You make me regret it
But I guess regret won't last
You force feed my lies
And I feel stupid
I am stupidly insane

It's not fair
How you could just leave me hanging there
Cause I am always there for you
So how can it be true
That he's the one you'd choose?

I saw you look my way
With a smile
But your smiles always fade
You said "We should get high."
I just don't feel it
I just don't feel very right
But when I lie on the floor
I get this feeling
That there's got to be more
So you can count me out
Cause I'm leaving no matter what you say

It's not fair
How you could just leave me hanging there
Cause I am always there for you
So how can it be true
That he's the one you'd choose?
Track Name: Let You Go
Darling, if you'd let me know
I would go
If only you could free your mind
You'd end up fine
It's time for me to let you go
But not today
I guess that's all it took for us
To break apart

If you never noticed
I'm uncertain
I never know what to do
I'll try to make this feeling last
Cause it won't be here very long
In my heart I know you're happy
Just not when you are with me
You know exactly what you're after
But it's certainly not me
Track Name: Losing Affection
You're losing your affection for me
You are, but the only thing I'm losing is sleep
I have nothing that you wanted me to have
I am sad, you're the only thing that makes me happy
It's a shame you give up easy on me
It is a shame, yes, I know it brings me misery
You're constantly portraying your youth
As your better days but I feel like mine was a

You're losing your affection for me
I'm losing your heart
Track Name: Get It
This time you told me try to forget
The time that we spent
I get lost in your mind
These things just take time

This time you told me yes but not yet
And you walked out the door
I wanna puke my guts
Onto the floor

And each time you tell me don't get upset
But I just don't get it
And you walk in the door
I just stare at the floor